Research Area

Welcome to the Logistics Laboratory

Development of efficient algorithms and solutions for better logistics/production/service systems

LabCumentary (Video)

LabCumentary(DongA Science)

대한산업공학회 대중강연: “세상을 효율적으로 움직이는 힘, 물류 최적화”

Research Topics

Vehicle Routing Problems

Logistics Lab has developed various algorithms for TSP, TSPTW, VRP, VRPTW, Vehicle Routing Game, Periodic VRPTW, Various Orienteering Problems and has applied to real life problems.

Optimization Applications

Logistics Lab has developed various optimization algorithms for real industries and smart dispatching/routing algorithms for AMHS.


Logistics Lab has proposed systematic and generic approaches for simulation modeling. Logistic Lab also performs various simulation studies for logistics systems.

Research Methods

Mathematical Programming
Graph Theory
Dynamic Programming
Reinforcement Learning