Research Topics & Benchmark Problems

1. Vehicle Routing Problems

2. Periodic Vehicle Routing Problems

3. VRP with Time Windows

4. School Bus Routing Problem: Benchmark Problem Set

5. Bus Scheduling Problem: Benchmark Problem Set

6. Waste collection VRPTW: Benchmark Problem Set

7. Rollon-Rolloff Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows: Benchmark Problem Set

8. The Combined Manpower-Vehicle Routing Problem for Multi-staged Services (CMVRP): Benchmark Problem Set

9. Size Definable 2-staged 2 Dimensional Bin Packing Problem: Benchmark Problem Set

10. A two-dimensional bin packing problem with size changeable items: Benchmark Problem Set

11. Stacking problems: Benchmark Problem Set

12. AGV/OHT (Automated Guided Vehicle/Overhead Hoist Transport) Scheduling & Control

13. Shortest Path Problems: Origin-Destination Matrix Problem Sets, US road data from the TIGER/Line Files US Geological Survey Digital Line Graphs (DLGs)

14. Capacitated Balanced Clustering

15. Customer Driven Delivery System

16. Facility Location Model

17. Logistics

18. Supply Chain Management

19. Geographic Information System (GIS) Application

20. Global Positioning System(GPS) Application

21. RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) Application

22. Application of Industrial Engineering Principles, Optimization Techniques, and Information Technology to Real Life Problems

23. Intelligent Agent and Learning:Intelligent Agent Based Shop Floor Scheduling and Control, Reinforcement Learning Application to Leadtime Estimation, Transportation Systems, Manufacturing Systems

24. Resource Constrained k-th Elementary Shortest Path Problem (RCKESPP): Computational Result 

25. Ship Routing Problem: Benchmark Problem Set

26. Production Scheduling Problem in a Factory of Automobile Component Primer Painting

27. The Multi-Profit Orienteering Problem (MPOP): Benchmark Problem Set

28. Optimal Incremental Deployment Method of Hydrogen Refueling Stations: Benchmark Problem Set

29. The Multi-Profit Team Orienteering Problem (MPTOP): Benchmark Problem Set

30. Many-to-Many Locomotive Routing Problem for Steel Industry (M2MLRP): Benchmark Problem Set

31. Parcel Delivery Network Optimization Problem Considering Multiple Hubs and Consolidation of Small-sized Parcels